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those_darn_kids's Journal

those darn kids
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for da "in" peeps. the ones "in the know"

the place where people make plans with other people. it's all about the "who?" and "who knows who?" and "what to do?" and "where to go?" and "with whom?" and "how many wanna go?" (and of course the ever popular "who's up for a party?") for the peeps who hang with each other on a regular basis in ral31gh, and the freaks 90 minutes away you wish you could see everyday.

The WeatherPixie
a cat named "duck", art, bite marks, biting asains, booty dancing, breeders, bright colored hair, celebre noir, cheese, clubbing, fake hair, gays, gothity goth, greasy wops, greensboro, ihop, legends, lego stand, more cheese, music, ncsu, nyc, odd colored pastries, partying, pericings, poems, raleigh, richie's strap on, road trips, sailormoon, sleep overs, so "dark", sushi, that damn dancing banana, the den of sin