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those darn kids' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
those darn kids

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stuff for saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaale [28 Apr 2004|12:08am]

i need money, less things in my life and less things to have to move
pretty much all cool stuff. i said pretty much.
make offers, i'm easy to please

my life with the thrill kill kult - a crime for all seasons
pigface - truth will out
chemlab - suture
meat beat manifesto - 99%
gene loves jezebel - kiss of life
skinny puppy tribute - hymns of the worlock
spiritualized - amazing grace
rammstein - sehnsuct
nitzer ebb - big hit
dead or alive - nukleopatra
bauhaus - gotham
stiff miners - giselle
maschinenfest - blue (this is a rare effing import and i paid A LOT for it, should be willing to go half)

the first amendment book - robert j wagman
the war of don emmanuel's nether parts - louis de bernieres
hannibal - thomas harris
interview with a vampire - anne rice

hardbacks -
dark angel - meredith anne pierce
bloodsong - jill neimark
focus on physical science!
sculpture and ideas - micheal f. andrews
carving techniques - glynis beecroft
brando - marlon brando
the dark half - stephen king
the shining - stephen king (looks to be a first run print)

vhs movies
doble pack: metropolis and things to come - fritz lang
beauty and the beast - jean cocteau
the weird al yankovic video library
enigma - the music videos volume one
elvis - aloha from hawaii via satellite
the fifth element - luc besson
box set of sci fi classics: the wasp woman, the brain that wouldn't die, the killer shrews, the giant gila monster, the first spaceship on venus

ring 0
bjork - all is full of love dvd video single

almost all spider hams
shitloads of riverdale related comics (archie and friends, jughead, betty, ect.)
various loads and loads of various

5 level corner desk, very tall 65$
5 drawer thick metal filing cabinet, sturdy as all fuck, 65$

fake hair
3 wigs w/ styrofoam heads - long wavy auburn, very long bright fire engine red, blonde sides, copper mohawk
various bags of silky blend blonde and brown

for any questions reguarding any of the above mentioned or want for photos, please leave a comment

more to come
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shindig [16 Mar 2004|12:03pm]

[ mood | a-singing! ]

 this is not the art i bought!
[waves hand jedi style] this is not the piece i bought.

Who: me and Mark Mothersbaugh (in spirit)

What: i say "shindig" others might say "party" but i think that word connotates rowdiness and some such which ain't gonna be the. plus party sounds like drinking, and i don't drink so you guys gotta bring your own shit or finish off what i own.

When: Saturday, March 20. 9:00 p.m.

Where: my living room

Why: Art, my dear fellow, Art!

i recently have purchased a pretty expensive peice of art done by one of my idols since childhood (and yes, childhood. dad has photos of me in diapers hitting people saying "deee-bo, daddy! deee-bo!"), Mark Mothersbaugh.

it is now wonderfully hung in my living room on display. Mark has requested that anyone who owns a peice of his work takes a photo of where it's displayed in any manner possible. so i'm gonna take a photo and maybe have some with us in it and have geeks around the world admire us for good reason.

also might showcase some of my newers finished products of my own. not that it's as good and this fellow's but hell! might as well.

R.S.V.P.: please at least give me a "hey bitch, i'm coming over!" or some such thing. the more the merrier! don't be afraid to ask for directions. i'll have snacks. tell me if you're allergic or have special diets needs so i can pick and choose who to say "uh, yeah, i didn't feel like catering to your needs, so i catered to my own!" :D

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[26 Feb 2004|03:29pm]

yeah, because of complications and weather... you guys ain't meeting dad today.
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dad [25 Feb 2004|02:50pm]

my dad is flying into rah-lay tomorrow evening @ 7:15 p.m.
if you would like to meet or chill with dad, just tell me/call me/leave a comment/message me.

i know dad and i know he's gonna want to eat when he gets off the plane. any suggestions as to where to eat?
type - he doesn't like bland chain american food (applebees/tgif's [that shit is... just that, yo]). the more exotic, the bettah. he likes any-kind-of-asain/indian/anything-good-and-cool

price range - from cheap to medium.
and, oh yeah, if you wanna eat dinnah with us, it'll be cool if you came along. he's a really funny crazy guy. plus how often do you get to see me have to take care of somebody like they were a bad kid and have to try to defend jokes at my expenise at the same time. deflect, perry, get item from bag, cast spell, deflect, deflect, perry

well, at least GOOD jokes at my expense.
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[20 Jan 2004|10:29am]

i almost got a free car last week. almost.
i have realized that i can not afford both a car payment and insurance (i still need to get my liscence).

free cars?

i came in this morning and my boss put a flier onmy desk for free cars with ads on them.
here are a few sites:
http://www.savingadvice.com/articles/46 - an article on this whole business with good tips
http://www.adsonwheels.com/ <- so far the best looking and less seedy reading site.

a good amount of these sites will pay you to put ads on your car. an extra 300 bucks a month may not be so bad?
just thought i should give you guys a heads up.
i don't think it would work for me seeing i have no driving experiance. be wary of the sign up fees.
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x-mas present/mixed cd [21 Nov 2003|03:33pm]

if you know you, you know i take great pride in making my comp cds. they are pretty emotional and sometimes i take up to three months in arranging/placing/finding just the right tracks/flow.

well i made another one. and i was thinking of giving it outt as x-mas presents... but i know not everybody wants one and all that. some peopel don't go for teh fine art of a mixed tape/cd. hell, you should see the cover art i've come up with.

well if you want one, please speak up now becuase i have to have a number ahead of time before i go to the printer's (specially designed cd cases, motha fuckers)

so yeah, leave a comment if you want one. the sooner the better.
sorry if this seems -cheap- to you for x-mas present, but i'm poor. but at least you're getting a work of art that i've spent a ungodly amount of time on. and it's a very important mix to me.

plus, each one will have something personalized about it.
some little hidden thing about it just for you.

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you are invited. [06 Oct 2003|04:00pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

what:House Warming Party
where:my house directions are linked below
time:starts around 8ish

Party Directions

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you want some of dis fermented russian potatoes? YOU GET SOME! [30 Sep 2003|08:02pm]

martinis make me smile Martinis and Titties Party!

Saturday, October 4, 2003.
When: Starting about 8:30ish till we're too drunk to give a shit what time it is anymore
Where: My fabulous abode!
Why: Because Martinis should be sipped from big bosomed women
How: it's a cocktail party, wear cocktail party like clothes. Bring a martini glass of your own, and if you want to make a wild and crazy martini, bring the stuff to do so! Girls, be daringa dn wear something a bit low cut and saucy!

contact me if you want to get in on the fun!

my new zealand pal will be in town this weekend!
he's a reason to celebrate!
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[29 Sep 2003|03:54pm]

this may be slightly offtopic, but it pertains to north carolina
if you live in or around Greensboro, i have made a community for it
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weee! concerts! [08 Sep 2003|11:39am]


the vanishing
wonderful gothic retro-electro. much like siouxsie and the banshees or for those in the serious "know", x-mal deutschland. maybe some early early cocteau twins in there too. very danceable and fashionable.

ashrae fax
our very own ambient/noise/retro-y electro band. utilizing sampled drum loops and synth beats that emulate those of the cure and cocteau twins. sometimes they deliver a wall of sound or straight dancey 80's gothpop.

8:00 pm:::donations
401 tate st. greensboro , n.c. 27403
336.272.7883///336.272.5994 fax
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WWIII [01 Sep 2003|02:06am]

So, KMFDM will be playing the Tremont on 11.07.

Who's going?
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get your goth on at some place besides legends [19 Aug 2003|01:41pm]

Resurrection is this saturday in charlotte.
anybody going?
anybody want to go?

it will be at the infamous STEEPLE.
come on, people, you know you wanna! it's so fricking goth, it was once a church!

Sat Aug 23rd: Resurrection The Steeple, Charlotte, NC DJ Spider, DJs Techbat and Ogg $5/7 21+ 10pm until
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all the maybes in the world add up to equal nothing [14 Aug 2003|03:57pm]

okay, i am having some motivational problems. i keep setting up to paint... and then not doing it. i have ideas and inspirations, just no gumption.

here is what i propose: an art-a-thon!

my room mate and i will host it. we'll have snacks, drinks and space. you can bring stuff to draw, paint, sculpt, write, sew (we have an extra machine), what have you. just pick a day.

who wants to take a bite?

there is no differance between a bird nest and my head
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her di-rect-tor! [25 Jul 2003|05:16pm]

[ mood | snarly ]

enc0der video

due to conflicts, we are missing people to be in the encoder video shooting tomorrow late am/afternoon. would you like to be involved? the song is "outsider". no acting experiance needed. it'll be a lot of gawd damned fun as well. hell, i might even be sober for it. you never know what wacky shit i'll make you do. watch me jump around like a frog!! i'm crazy!

if you would like to be -in- the video, you will need to dress plainly. no logos, no patterns, no jeans. if you are a girl, you need to wear make up but make it so you look like you're not wearing make up (if you don't know how to do this, bring make up with you and i will do it for you) if you are a guy, deal with it, you're gonna wear make up but not look like a fag.

the locations will vary but will be in the raliegh area. contact rick or if you are interested.

also! do you know of any good urban decay? abandoned warehouses? empty buildings with trees in them? scary industrial parks with nobody around? i really am looking for nature infused with society looking stuff. trees overgrowing manmade structures and the what not. also, things easy to sneak into. :) for later referance. [coughs]

and don't forget! SUNDAY! MONKEYS!

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the ZOOOOOOOOO [25 Jul 2003|11:31am]

who wants to go to the zoo on sunday?
monkeys on sunday!

i'm not joking, anybody wanna go to the zoo on sunday? $6 if you have your college id.
i wanna look at lemurs and buy a balloon.
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[20 Jul 2003|09:49am]

i'm going to see BILE tonight
i like the way they scream

the Brewery
Raleigh, NC
sun 20

Bile/ Nocturne/ The Five L's/ Epsilon Zero/ Darkness Remains/ Clang Quartet
Doors at 8:00 / Show at 8:30

$10 over 21 / $12 under 21

and i'll have Rum to deal with reality.
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ha ha ha! check it out, sami! i got potter just like i said i would! [19 Jul 2003|12:42am]


With Which Harry Potter Male Are You Most Sexually Compatible?

brought to you by Quizilla

boys in wire frames are so fucking hot.
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drive in movie theatre [18 Jul 2003|04:51pm]

i'm missing going to the drive in.
i used to go all the time when i lived in Cali.
went more so in Ohio.

Anybody know of any working ones and wants to go on a Drive - In excursion?

here is a link but no real info, really
[ Drive In movie threatres in NC ]
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Baked Alaskan [30 Jun 2003|01:44pm]

as many of you know, i am moving
and when i move, i weed through my things
(doesn't it always seem like i am weeding through things? i got too many things)
this time it includes things like...
the blue x-mas lights and various toys
a computer chair, a tv... more stuff, blah blah

seeing as i am sick of traveling and blah blah
if you want anything, come get it this weekend
otherwise it goes to good ole goodwill
(they must love me, half a fricking store of just -stuff- is from me, i swear)

don't forget, next weekend is the house warming party
this weekend i am home.
if you want to see me, come and visit me for once
i'll be working my ass off to make my place better looking than yours
ha ha ha ha
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party who? party what? [25 Jun 2003|11:01am]

house warming party.
saturday, july 12.
my place (der)
more details to come
who would like to go?
all are invited...
unless you know for sure i can't stand the vile sight of you.

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