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stuff for saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaale

i need money, less things in my life and less things to have to move
pretty much all cool stuff. i said pretty much.
make offers, i'm easy to please

my life with the thrill kill kult - a crime for all seasons
pigface - truth will out
chemlab - suture
meat beat manifesto - 99%
gene loves jezebel - kiss of life
skinny puppy tribute - hymns of the worlock
spiritualized - amazing grace
rammstein - sehnsuct
nitzer ebb - big hit
dead or alive - nukleopatra
bauhaus - gotham
stiff miners - giselle
maschinenfest - blue (this is a rare effing import and i paid A LOT for it, should be willing to go half)

the first amendment book - robert j wagman
the war of don emmanuel's nether parts - louis de bernieres
hannibal - thomas harris
interview with a vampire - anne rice

hardbacks -
dark angel - meredith anne pierce
bloodsong - jill neimark
focus on physical science!
sculpture and ideas - micheal f. andrews
carving techniques - glynis beecroft
brando - marlon brando
the dark half - stephen king
the shining - stephen king (looks to be a first run print)

vhs movies
doble pack: metropolis and things to come - fritz lang
beauty and the beast - jean cocteau
the weird al yankovic video library
enigma - the music videos volume one
elvis - aloha from hawaii via satellite
the fifth element - luc besson
box set of sci fi classics: the wasp woman, the brain that wouldn't die, the killer shrews, the giant gila monster, the first spaceship on venus

ring 0
bjork - all is full of love dvd video single

almost all spider hams
shitloads of riverdale related comics (archie and friends, jughead, betty, ect.)
various loads and loads of various

5 level corner desk, very tall 65$
5 drawer thick metal filing cabinet, sturdy as all fuck, 65$

fake hair
3 wigs w/ styrofoam heads - long wavy auburn, very long bright fire engine red, blonde sides, copper mohawk
various bags of silky blend blonde and brown

for any questions reguarding any of the above mentioned or want for photos, please leave a comment

more to come
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