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my dad is flying into rah-lay tomorrow evening @ 7:15 p.m.
if you would like to meet or chill with dad, just tell me/call me/leave a comment/message me.

i know dad and i know he's gonna want to eat when he gets off the plane. any suggestions as to where to eat?
type - he doesn't like bland chain american food (applebees/tgif's [that shit is... just that, yo]). the more exotic, the bettah. he likes any-kind-of-asain/indian/anything-good-and-cool

price range - from cheap to medium.
and, oh yeah, if you wanna eat dinnah with us, it'll be cool if you came along. he's a really funny crazy guy. plus how often do you get to see me have to take care of somebody like they were a bad kid and have to try to defend jokes at my expenise at the same time. deflect, perry, get item from bag, cast spell, deflect, deflect, perry

well, at least GOOD jokes at my expense.
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