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her di-rect-tor!

enc0der video

due to conflicts, we are missing people to be in the encoder video shooting tomorrow late am/afternoon. would you like to be involved? the song is "outsider". no acting experiance needed. it'll be a lot of gawd damned fun as well. hell, i might even be sober for it. you never know what wacky shit i'll make you do. watch me jump around like a frog!! i'm crazy!

if you would like to be -in- the video, you will need to dress plainly. no logos, no patterns, no jeans. if you are a girl, you need to wear make up but make it so you look like you're not wearing make up (if you don't know how to do this, bring make up with you and i will do it for you) if you are a guy, deal with it, you're gonna wear make up but not look like a fag.

the locations will vary but will be in the raliegh area. contact rick or if you are interested.

also! do you know of any good urban decay? abandoned warehouses? empty buildings with trees in them? scary industrial parks with nobody around? i really am looking for nature infused with society looking stuff. trees overgrowing manmade structures and the what not. also, things easy to sneak into. :) for later referance. [coughs]

and don't forget! SUNDAY! MONKEYS!
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